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We have exhibited at the Cereals event (arable trade show) for the last 4 years.

It has always been a busy and worthwhile show. Being able to talk to arable farmers who are our key customers is priceless! Not only can we pass on advice or guidance on how to use Grazers for maximum benefit on specific crops or situations, but more importantly we get feedback from the farmer on how they are using it most effectively in the field.

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Thursday 4th October 2012

In the 1990’s I got to know Jim Over from J.E. Over & Co. Ltd. an entrepeneur who I felt was ahead of his time regarding nutrition and the soil – He was offering an analytical and trace element service to farmers and growers – He took soil and tissue samples from individual fields and sent them away to a local laboratory for full spectrum analysis this showed levels of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and just as importantly 9 minor trace elements such as magnesium, maganese, zinc, boron etc Jim would produce a report enabling the client to see exactly what a specific crop needed in a specific field that year, this enabled farmers to know exactly what a crop needed without waste and runoff and often reduced the amount of fertilizer they actually needed.

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