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G2 concentrate out in the autumn

We have been very pleased with the uptake and feedback regarding G2 (against slug & snail damage)

We started with the ‘ready to use’ product as a way of testing the market – it was always our intention (if successful) to bring out a concentrate, which you the gardener can dilute down into your own sprayer, making it more cost effective for larger areas and repeat applications.

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Pigeon damage on wisteria blossom !!

When our ‘specialist’ Wisteria pruner came to look after our Wisteria a couple of months ago, I told him how last year the Wisteria had been so bad because of the pigeons, who basically eat all the flowers. He said that there was a spray called Grazers which may work.

We sprayed the Wisteria about four to five times in its growing season and thought you should have a picture of it as it is looking absolutely wonderful this year and its all down to your wonderful spray. Thank you.

R.N. Hants.No pigeon damage this year

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Cats & foxes?

We are often asked will Grazers help against cats and foxes?

Unfortunately Grazers in these instances won’tĀ help – the pest needs to be grazing.

HOWEVER ….. I have come across and heard good things about products from a company called Concept Research which have been tested and approved by the RSPB

worth a look!