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A little helpful advice now spring is here!

Remember it is safe to spray Grazers G1 – rabbits, pigeon etc  and G2 – slug & snail onto hostas and other plants, edible or ornamental,as the new growth emerges in the garden  which is also when they are very prone to damage.

Hostas and other perennials send up succulent spikes in spring (see image) which usually coincides with emerging hungry pests, furry or otherwise.

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John Negus talk at Weyhill, Andover

“Had a great talk last night at Weyhill, Andover. My quiz resulted in a very happy lady going away with a Grazer spray gun for tackling cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars and aphids. Well done this company for innovating an environmentally safe organic control for keeping our garden pest free.”

John Negus Garden Writer and speaker