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Which? report just out on G3

“Grazers G3 Formula CLAIMS A safe but effective formula which treats against potential damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars and aphids. lt also stimulates and strengthens growth, with no detrimental impact on the environment. OUR VERDICT To try out this product I planted two red cabbage and two black kale plants, and sprayed one of each with the formula five times between early May and July. There was no sign of caterpillars on any plant, but the unsprayed red cabbage had slug damage, while the sprayed plant was completely clear, had grown bigger and looked very healthy. Both kale plants had whitefly by July, but the sprayed plant had fewer than the unsprayed one and was also slightly larger. We’d like to put this formula through more rigorous testing to be sure how effective it is over a whole season, especially if there’s heavy rain or overhead watering, as the instructions suggest you need to respray afterwards”.
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