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Your Winter Garden: What’s Happening?

We’ve seen snow in the Lake District and part of the UK, the wind is blowing and it’s most certainly cold! For many, this means avoiding the garden, blaming the weather – and facing the inevitable in Spring.

But for you garden enthusiasts, here’s what’s going on in your garden; what you can do to keep it as healthy as possible to get the best possible head start in Spring. As much as we love gardening, the huge haul through into Spring can be made as enjoyable as possible!

winter_veg_gardenProtect Your Flowers


If you’re a gardening pro, you’ll know we’re not calling you a name.

Mulching is the process of using dead leaves, chippings of bark, crushed shells, or even specialist coverings to cover the soil around your flower beds and shrubs. Mulching enriches the soil, prevents weeds from growing and most importantly during the Winter months, protects the ground from the harsh frost.

Jack Frost Bites!

It comes every year, sometimes when you least expect it, ruining your flower beds, cracking your pots and freezing your plant roots. Be prepared!

As per above, cover your flower beds via mulching and also your pots with fleece, hessian or even bubble wrap! This is prevent any irreparable damage when frost bites and ice sets in.

Raise your potted plants off the floor on bricks or smaller pots to save your plants roots from freezing when the frost turns into ice. Remember: if it’s on the floor – it’ll freeze!

Don’t Ignore Your Lawn

Just because it’s wet and cold doesn’t mean you should neglect your lawn. It still requires your love attention to stay healthy during the cold and moist months.

Remember to remove all the loose leaves. The wind will do some of the hard work for you, but if you leave them they will block out light and moisture which your lawn still needs during winter to keep fresh and green.

You should cut your lawn on a higher setting than normal if it’s starting to look a bit long. Be careful not to disturb the turf underneath as this is where your lawn is most sensitive.

Avoid walking on your lawn while it is frosty. As satisfying as it may feel to crunch over the grass, it can damage the blades leaving brown patches resembling your foot prints!

Winter Pests

The good news is, the majority of small garden pests have all disappeared until Spring. It’s unfortunate that the warmer weather has followed and won’t be back until March/ April!

But don’t forget there are still some vegetable munching critters out and about looking for hibernation stock! Make sure you protect and winter veggies you have growing ready for harvesting in Spring.

If you would like to learn more about handling winter pests, or just a chat about gardening and agriculture during Winter, give us a call or send us an email.