Grazers G1 concentrate 375ml Effective against damage from RABBITS, pigeon, deer etc (treats up to 1000m2)
January 28, 2016
Grazers 50 Treats 20 ha (50 acre) cost from £5 per acre (£12.50 per ha)
January 28, 2016
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GRAZERS G3 Effective against damage from CABBAGE WHITE BUTTERFLIES, caterpillars and aphids


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(750ml ready to use treats approx 30sq.m)

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(any quantity or combination)

  • New unique formula against cabbage white butterfly laying eggs plus caterpillar and aphid damage
  • Harmless to people pets & planet
  • Safe to use on edible crops
  • Easy ready to use sprayer simply spray all foliage
  • Strengthens and stimulates plants

“I sprayed my cabbage plants in the garden every week or so over the summer – it’s a handy bottle to keep by the door and give them a squirt when you’re passing. I believe you need to start using it just before the butterflies start to lay eggs and I certainly noticed a difference compared to plants that weren’t treated and caterpillar numbers were much less too. The great thing is that it’s safe to use because we have pets and kids and obviously eating the produce too – and it works!”

A.S. Easingwold, North Yorkshire

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