With the four existing Grazers products steadily growing in popularity, the company’s current ambition is to ensure these are increasingly available to more gardeners, plant producers, and farmers. We are seeking to widen the distribution of these novel products, prior to widening the range further, by assisting garden centres and other distributors to convey the naturally positive environmental messages.

Meanwhile, Grazers is also taking on new ideas from its working partners, such as expanding its GroGreen range of plant enhancers, currently assisting Roses and Buxus, with new products expected to be added to ranges soon.

Grazers is also gaining increasing interest from several overseas markets, especially in soft fruit production against bird damage and in row crops against rabbit damage. So this will be a priority for the company in the future and in response Grazers is planning to create a new Grazers Global website to meet the international demand for products in agriculture and horticulture.

At all times, one of the top priorities for Grazers will be its adherence to company ethos and environmental policies central to all business operations …