Do your plants need help to avert pest attack?

Four options for Grazers product to keep plants free from damage.

How Grazers works

When applied to green photosynthesising leaves and stems, the calcium-based, environmentally safe Grazers products work by creating a ‘plant-mediated effect’ that dissuades the pests from eating these plants.

The indigenous pests then seek other nearby food sources instead and so leave our plants to thrive, helped in their growth by the calcium nutrient in the products.

Therefore Grazers benefits not only our plants, which in effect are ‘helped to help themselves’, but also predators of the plant pests, thereby keeping the natural wildlife food chain in place, so enhancing the environment.

Coronavirus: Grazers services continue, with all possible extra precautions ...

We are making sure that ALL our staff are following government guidelines.

  • EVERYONE is thoroughly washing their hands before entering and exiting our premises.
  • ALL staff are being asked to wear gloves whilst on our premises.
  • ALL surfaces are being sprayed with disinfectant to help prevent the cultivation of COVID-19.

These measures will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the production and delivery of Grazers, though we are continuously reviewing our procedures and following any new government instructions.

Thank you for your support at this time.