Grazers provide four unique products, ‘helping plants to help themselves’
keeping them free from grazing damage.

How Grazers works

The calcium and natural plant extracts in Grazers work together with a plant’s green, photosynthesising leaves and stems, producing a ‘plant-mediated effect’ that results in gives the plant greater ability to withstand attack from those that want to eat them.

These local plant herbivores then seek other nearby food sources, leaving our garden plants to thrive, helped in their growth by the calcium nutrient in the products.

Not only does Grazers benefit our plants, but also the birds, hedgehogs and amphibians that eat the pests of our plants, so keeping natural wildlife food chains in place and enhancing our environment.

Additional Information

Why ‘Gardening for Wildlife’ and what do we mean by this?

It might seem obvious that we all want to be Gardening with Wildlife in mind.

However, to be Gardening for Wildlife a more proactive approach is often required.

This means striving to work with a ‘natural balance’ in the garden, seeking to keep the food chains in place.

Grazers can play a part within natural food chains,  without upsetting this naturally occurring balance.

Here are some interesting facts on some garden plant predators, often referred to as ‘pests’.

… because these ‘pests’ are also ‘wildlife’ in their own right.