At Grazers, we’re committed to giving waste plastic a new lease on life. We’ve partnered with local businesses and communities to collect and repurpose discarded plastic, transforming it into durable and stylish bird boxes that provide safe havens for our feathered friends. Our recycled plastic bird boxes are not only eco-friendly but also boast exceptional longevity, ensuring years of enjoyment for both birds and birdwatchers alike. By choosing our recycled plastic bird boxes, you’re not just providing a home for birds; you’re actively contributing to a circular economy and reducing our collective environmental footprint. Join us in giving waste plastic a purpose and make a positive impact on our planet, one bird box at a time.

Bird Nest Box




Introducing our eco-friendly and stylish bird box, made from recycled plastic and designed to provide a safe and comfortable home for blue tits, great tits and sparrows. This sturdy and long-lasting nest box is manufactured to RSPB specifications, featuring a 32mm entrance hole and thick insulation to keep your feathered friends cozy all year round.


  • Made from recycled plastic, helping to reduce environmental impact
  • Robust and long-lasting construction for years of use
  • RSPB-approved design with 32mm hole suitable for blue tits, great tits and sparrows
  • Thick insulation provides warmth and protection from the elements
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Provides a safe and comfortable nesting place for blue tits, great tits and sparrows in mind
  • Helps to attract a wider variety of birds to your garden
  • Encourages natural pest control
  • Supports sustainable practices and reduces plastic waste
  • Adds a touch of funky style to your garden décor


Material: Recycled plastic
Dimensions: (L) 190mm x (W) 145mm x (H) 250mm
Entrance hole diameter: 32mm
Suitable for: Blue tits, Great tits and Sparrows in mind

Care Instructions

Remove old nesting material annually and clean with a mild detergent solution
Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry completely before rehanging

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to using recycled materials and sustainable practices wherever possible. Our recycled plastic bird boxes are made from a combination of our own and locally sourced waste plastic, helping to reduce environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

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