Environmental Policy | Taking progressive steps for the natural world

As well as being environmentally-sound products in their own right, a number of procedures are already in place to minimise the environmental impact of production and supply of the GroGreen ranges.

Low impact products

The GroGreen product range is produced to deliberately have a low impact on the environment by focusing on natural solutions to plant health, thereby reducing the need to resort to synthetic chemicals or fertilisers.  The approach of E. Marker A/S has always been to prevent plant production issues, by improving their tolerance, rather than needing to cure problems when they occur.  This is far more efficient in ecological terms and allows the living components of natural ecosystems to thrive, fauna and flora.

Energy consumption

Being a Danish company, E. Marker A/S seeks to adopt a typical Scandinavian approach to environmental matters by improving energy efficiencies.  Whilst the company acknowledges that there is still more that can be done, it is working towards to minimising energy consumption in its manufacturing processes.  The company will undertake to continue to do this, by reviewing its production parameters and reducing carbon emissions wherever possible.

Container recycling

It is the policy of the company to adopt best recycling practices, both of their product containers and also within the production processes.  The plastic containers are fully recyclable and customers are specifically recommended to take advantage of the concentrated products that both provide better value for money and lower environmental impact due to efficiencies of transport, storage and application.

Continuous improvement

Finally, the company is always seeking to adopt any new environmental principles that customers feel are important, so we would always welcome suggestions and ideas on this subject to incorporate into company policy. Please see the Contacts page.