How GroGreen Works to achieve the very best results

Information to guide the user on the optimum product application and expected outcomes

Product Content & Activity

The GroGreen product ranges contain micronutrients, small levels of nitrogen and in particular essential plant oils, in combination with a surfactant.  This gives the rose and Buxus plants the ability to fend for themselves by virtue of a biostimulant effect, growth enhancement and removal of the environment that suit plant pathogens.

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Application Techniques

GroGreen Feed & Shine is sprayed onto the foliage of the plant when they are dry, up to the point of run-off. A light covering of liquid is all that is required, as any further saturation will not be of further benefit, however regular applications either weekly or up to fortnightly will ensure efficacy.

See individual product information for further details

Outcomes & Benefits

There are several benefits derived from the use of GroGreen Feed & Shine products that give highly positive outcomes to all gardeners and plant managers.:

  • Healthier Plants

    The purpose of GroGreen Feed & Shine is twofold; a) ensure full plant nutrition is achieved by meeting potential deficiencies in the feeding regime, and b) providing the environment that allows the plants to grow more healthily.  The healthier shine on the leaves indicates this is the case.

  • Natural Solutions

    The GroGreen product ranges use minimal amounts of macro or micro-nutrients, instead using plant oils and extracts to both provide feed and also plant stimulation.  These components are naturally derived and are not synthetically created, therefore there are no harmful components for the environment.

  • Chemical & Fertiliser Reduction

    As well as not directly containing chemicals, the GroGreen product range also reduces the need for more intensive production methods of excessive fertiliser and agrochemicals.  Although standard fertilisers should still be utilised during the rearing of the plants, providing nutrients can be supplied by organic means, the need for subsequent synthetic fertilisers and sprays will be greatly reduced when GroGreen range is applied regularly.

  • Easy & Cost-Effective Approach

    The GroGreen products have been designed to be easy to use, with clear instructions and no hazards when handling, therefore they are straightforward to apply.  Additionally, as the concentrated, undiluted products are supplied in two size containers this provides a very cost-effective way of maintaining healthy plants.