Recyclable & recycled plastics for a better environment

Continuously seeking to improve Grazers’ environmental credentials and assist our customers to follow best current practice

As you might expect with an eco-friendly product range such as Grazers, the company is always seeking to take a proactive approach to matters of environmental importance.


The use of plastics is no exception and is continually being reviewed, with the current policy in place:

  1. Utilises white HDPE plastic for product containers, which can either be washed out and re-used or readily recycled with other commonly recycled containers such as milk bottles.
  2. Product concentrate bottles are produced and promoted in the market, over and above RTU (Ready To Use) bottles of diluted product. These bottles of concentrate are not only the most cost-effective for our customers but also use far less plastic per unit of product and require less packaging.
  3. Empty application bottles (RTU’s) are sold at near cost price in order to encourage the use of concentrate bottles instead of repeat purchases of full RTUs.
  4. Cardboard cartons, together with recycled paper is used for packaging instead of plastic wrapping or plastic bubble cushioning.