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Proactive Priorities to Promote Natural Balance

2021 has been a busy year for Grazers; right from the start in January, when new labels were produced to better advise customers on how best to be Proactive in their Product applications, through to our current search for larger Production Premises in the UK.

Grazers has seen demand grow in a few regions of the world and currently in the Southern Hemisphere it is spring time and the pests will be seeking out the plants and the plants will be needing Grazers, for instance New Zealand colleagues are working hard to help at this point in time.

The Priorities for the company seem to have centred around the letter ‘P’, all leading to the set objective of ensuring Grazers makes Positive contributions to restoring the Natural Balance in our gardens.
So, here’s a Precis of our Perspective and Priorities that we are Promoting all we can:

As our regular customers will know, products of the Grazers Family have always focused on the safety of the three P’s:
People, Pets and Planet, whilst not forgetting the other P’s of the Plant’s Performance and Protecting their Pests.

We are now focusing heavily on three other P’s to promote Natural Balance in the gardens that we are supporting and we very much hope that you will Partner with us to achieve these objectives also:

1. Pollution Prevention:

a. Plastic reduction – so plastic is both recycled and recyclable
b. Pesticide replacement – alternatives to broad-action chemicals
c. Product residue removal – by natural ingredients leaving no trace

2. Pest Protection: …   because ‘pests are wildlife too’ and also food for other wildlife species

3. Proactive Preparation … identify Partners with Product Portfolios that restore Natural Balance

This final point is an on-going task, centred around Grazers’ home town of Penrith in Cumbria.

Whichever part of the globe you are, please join us and for improving Natural Balance in the garden bear in mind these P P P’s!

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