The original Grazers product, designed for a range of different plants with different pests in agriculture and horticultural crops.

Grazers G1 : Effective against RABBITS, PIGEON, DEER & GEESE

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Grazers G1 – Commercial E – Leaflet 2018

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Key tips when applying the G1 Grazers product

On the strength of its success with farmers and growers over the past 12 years we now produce Grazers for the garden in two convenient bottle sizes, suitable to treat small and large gardens and allotments.

Grazers must be applied to the foliage of any growing plant where it is taken in systemically (absorbed by the plant). Because it is nutrient based, it can be sprayed safely on ornamental, shrubs, roses, bedding, fruit or vegetable/salad and lawns. It will in fact help repair any damage already caused.

We have found Grazers is also effective against mice & voles eating seedlings and against squirrels eating young fruit in orchards.  It is odourless to humans, and safe for people, pets, plants & the planet.  We recommend monthly applications although this can be adjusted due to the number of variables eg. time of year, location, type and age of plants at risk so it is important to monitor.

We recommend building Grazers up within the plant with 2 or 3 applications 3 days apart, where practical, then leave and monitor. This is also a good practice in Autumn to help the plants through the winter. Grazers is very effective on grass  – apply just after mowing and if possible leave 5-7 days before re mowing.

Grazers being trace element based is beneficial to the plant and can be sprayed safely even on young plants at the earliest growth stage.

Where rabbit and pigeon damage occurs on Brassicae eg. young cabbage plants, it can help to add a drop of washing up liquid to the sprayer to aid absorption.

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“I don’t know what I would do without Grazers and your good service.”
Andover, Hampshire
We have used Grazers successfully on our roses and are happy to recommend it”
Peter Beales Roses, Norfolk

Note: New plants are very vulnerable to damage. We recommend to spray plants at risk, with Grazers, at least twice (in a pest free place) prior to planting allowing the leaf to dry between applications and again once planted.  This is because new plants have young tender shoots which are very attractive to grazing pests.

For use on : grass, shrubs, perennials, roses, conifers, soft fruit bushes, veg/salad plants, bedding

Rose bed before treatment (roses and strip of grass around the bed were sprayed once with the basic application rate)
Rose bed before treatment (roses and strip of grass around the bed were sprayed once with the basic application rate)
Rose bed 4 weeks after treatment (notice the grass)