A specialist Grazers product originally developed to dissuade the Cabbage White Butterfly from egg layingGrazers G3 : Effective against CABBAGE WHITE BUTTERFLY, CATERPILLARS AND APHIDS

Grazers G3 Concentrate 350ml Label

The NEW G3 formula effective against damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars, aphids & other sap suckers.With the NEW G3 formula we believe we have a unique product that combines and addresses two very crucial and key elements of current horticultural and environmental issues. Using a very safe but effective formula, sprayed directly on to the foliage, not only is the plant being treated against potential damage from cabbage white butterflies, caterpillars and aphids, and its growth stimulated and strengthened, but there is no detrimental impact on the environment. Thus the product has appeal for both the garden lovers who do not want their plants ravaged and the environmentalists who abhor chemical damage to the environment and its balance.

We think that it would give satisfaction to those people (many of whom, like us, give thought to both issues ie. the balance of pest damage versus environmental damage) and huge peace of mind to be able to think that they are spraying plants with a safe nutritious product that is effective against damage from the above, whilst leaving them to still play their part in the environmental balance. With this holistic approach, plants and creatures are both preserved.

Live and Let Grow!

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“I sprayed my cabbage plants in the garden every week or so over the summer – it’s a handy bottle to keep by the door and give them a squirt when you’re passing. I believe you need to start using it just before the butterflies start to lay eggs and I certainly noticed a difference compared to plants that weren’t treated and caterpillar numbers were much less too. The great thing is that it’s safe to use because we have pets and kids and obviously eating the produce too – and it works!”
A.S. Easingwold, North Yorkshire

Treated leaf

6 hours

24 hours

30 hours

48 hours

diluted G3

2 / 5%

1 / 5%

2 / 10%

1 / 10%

Water control 1

7 / 25%

6 / 10%

5 / 30%

4 / 60%

Water control 2

2 / 5%

6 / 30%

6 / 40%

7 / 60%

T4 -Test 4. Showing number of larvae on each leaf and the % age leaf consumed at each assessment point


Mean % age damage after 48 hours

diluted G3


Water control 1


Water control 2


48 hour damage assessment. Note excessive damage of the water control on the right.