Managers of Estates & Plant Nurseries | Roses and Buxus at their healthiest using GroGreen Feed & Shine, naturally and cost-effectively.

Rose beds and box hedges and borders are common features in estate gardens, so managers face the perpetual challenge of these intensively grown plants needing to look healthy, whilst perpetually needing to be manicured. These two objectives can conflict and result in the plants becoming prone to stress-related symptoms, which the GroGreen Feed & Shine range can alleviate.

The pre-emptive use of the GroGreen Feed & Shine range allows estate and nursery managers to feel confident their rose and box plants will remain healthy and the product is supplied in concentrated quantities that ensure it is very cost effective.

As estate and plant nurseries are generally well-equipped with sprayers and nozzles that are suitable for the application of diluted concentrate products, the GroGreen is supplied in both 0.5 litre and 5 litre containers.