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Key tips for using GRAZERS G1 against RABBIT, PIGEON, DEER damage

Key tips when applying the G1 Grazers product
(effective against Rabbits, Pigeons, Deer and Geese)

1. Outwit the pest, get ahead and apply prior to significant crop grazing (even early crop growth stage).

2. Consider the factors effecting best outcome, so vary the application amount and timing according to:

a] Crop growth rates (new growth appears has diminished coverage by Grazers so needs reapplying).

b] Pest pressure (the higher the number the greater the application amount or frequency)

c] Weather conditions (re-application may be required after persistent or heavy rain)

3. Maximise product efficacy by adding an extra adjuvant (eg a non-ionic wetter such as Activator 90).

4. If necessary, re-apply to accumulate product on plant, eg brassica in plugs prior to transplanting.

5. Tank mix with pesticides (see new recommendations), when possible, to improve cost efficiency

With the above advice, be proactive, as opposed to reactive to your pest grazing problem.

Grazers will now work best for you, to get greater returns.




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