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September 23, 2014
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March 6, 2015
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NEW G3 Caterpillars and cabbage white butterflies


Independent replicated trials carried out over the last 2 years in the lab and garden with a new formula have shown significant effect against damage from cabbage white butterflies (laying eggs) and caterpillar damage on vegetables. Treated plants are much healthier and damage is limited.

Also effective against damage from sap suckers eg. aphid.

GRAZERS G3 rrp £6.99

GRAZERS G3 rrp£6.99

G3 works in the same way as all our Grazers products – it is totally safe to use because you are treating your plants with a specific calcium solution, which has negligible effect on the soil, doesn’t harm the pest! and yet benefits the plant


We are sending product out to garden centres and mail order stockists right now ready for spring.

Our web site and on line shop will be updated shortly with information and trial data.

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