Grazers G4 – Concentrate (1 Litre)

Red Lily Beetle


UK Delivery: £3.95 for all orders below £30 total value


When diluted (1 Litre), effective against Red Lily Beetle

Helping Lilies and Fritillaries to help themselves, whilst safe to wildlife

1 Litre concentrate makes 20 litres of ready to use product UK Delivery: £3.95 for all orders below £20 total value (any quantity or combination) NEW unique formula against LILY BEETLE damage ECO friendly spray Pet and nature friendly. Accumulates and spreads over the leaf. Strengthens and stimulates plant growth. Spray every 7-10 days from early signs repeat while at risk and after heavy rain. “The overall conclusion from this study is that, under the conditions described, foliar treatments of Grazers G4 formulation produced clear benefits in reducing the feeding damage of Red Lily beetle infestations to Lilium regale plants when applied at regular intervals over a 3 month period”. trial report from Pest Effects

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