Grazers G1 – Diluted RTU (750ml)
January 28, 2016
Grazers G2 – Concentrate (350ml)
January 28, 2016
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Grazers G2 – Concentrate (1 litre)


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When diluted (1 litre), effective against slugs and snails

Helping plants to help themselves against slugs & snails, whilst safe to wildlife (1 litre conc.)

(1 litre makes 30 litres ready to use spray)

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  • New unique formula against slug & snail damage
  • Makes 30 litres of spray ready to use
  • Harmless to Show More...
    ople pets & planet
  • Safe to use on edible and ornamental plants
  • Easy ready to use sprayer simply spray all foliage
  • Absorbed in to the leaf for longer lasting effect
  • Strengthens and stimulates plants
"Just a note about some observations using your new spray. Earlier this week I noticed 3/4 lines of plants which had been badly eaten as they started to sprout. (No or very little leaves left) I used the last of my spray to cover them. By the end of this week most are now in 3-4 leaves and growing strong. But my radishes which are next door to these plants which I did not spray have been eaten alive now! Please can I get some more?" S.B. CumbriaShow Less