Seeking to prevent crop damage from rabbits, pigeon or deer?

Crop establishment is safeguarded by Grazers applications to vulnerable plants

This calcium nutrient-based formulation dissuades crop pests from attacking plants and helps susceptible plants to keep growing well, without being eaten.
Applied to emerging crops or near ripe fruit and grain effective against damage from grazing mammals and birds including rabbit, deer, mice, vole, squirrel, pigeon, small birds including skylark, pheasant, partridge, crow.
Australia & New Zealand: wallaby, possum, parrot, skylark, finch.


For use on winter and spring wheat, barley, oil seed rape (canola), game cover, vegetables, salad, top fruit, soft fruit, ornamental horticultural, grass
Headland spray (24m min) or spot apply for cost-effective treatments to weaker areas or areas at risk from damage

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CONTENT 10% specific calcium oxide plus <1%  trace elements and dispersants
RATES Basic rate 250ml in 200litre water
High rate 500ml in 200 litre for areas of high pest pressure
(modules/transplants treat twice at high rate before planting allow leaf to dry between applications spray again in the field)
Tree fruit/vines 2 litre in 1000 litre water.
Addition of non ionic wetter is advised on brassica and other waxy leafed plants
COMPATIBILITY See tank mix compatibility document above

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