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Spring application guide on farm

20160417_162800_resizedThe image on the right shows an ideal growth stage to apply Grazers against rabbit or pigeon damage. In this instnce its spring barley but the same applies in the autumn whether it is wheat, barley or oil seed rape.

Its easy to presume that you are wasting product because there is more soil than leaf, but rest assured this early stage is the building block of life for the plant and this is when it is most actively taking in product – Grazers is designed to work at its optimum on the young actively growing plant and whatever hits the leaf gets too work!

As autumn sown crops come out of winter and soil temperatures are on the rise, it is also an ideal time to spray with Grazers if they are being eaten back by pests – Crops only need a couple of weeks break at this stage to grow out of danger.

Rabbits and pigeon like to feed when there is clear space between the plants,  once the leaves have met across the rows, or crops have grown above easy munching height they are generally out of danger.

Remember it helps to add a non ionic surfactant (inert wetter) particularly with waxy plants eg oil seed rape (canola).

Our spring promotion on grower packs (4ha and 20ha) continues until end July 2016 and is available at all major Agchem distributors or from Grazers online 

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