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Why We Love the Slug!


Why do we need slugs?

Quite simply slugs perform a couple of vital roles in the natural balance of our garden and for those reasons we need to let them get on with the day job.

First of all, slugs help to decompose all that rotting vegetation that is created such as fallen leaves and dead plants. By tearing through this type of material the slugs help to compost such matter back into the soil, helping to create healthy growing conditions.

Secondly they are a vital food source for some of the most splendid and endangered wildlife in the country. Numerous birds, hedgehogs, frogs and so many more see slugs as a nice treat. When all we hear is the continual fall in number of so many of these creatures its vital we do what we can to support them.

What can we do?

It seems everyone wants to kill the slug, and usually in the most inhumane ways possible. No, instead we would recommend managing the slug population. There’s no reason why you can’t have a stunning garden in full bloom where slugs are kept alive at a distance. By reserving part of your garden with damp rotten vegetation slugs will be attracted and leave other plants alone. Picking them up by hand and moving them once you see them won’t harm you or the slug

The beautiful (okay, ugly) little friend of ours, helping to keep gardens in full bloom and supporting the wildlife. Give the slugs a pat on the back.

Grazers G2 – Slugs and Snails

We think Grazers has appeal for both garden lovers who do not want their plants ravaged by slugs and the environmentalists who abhor chemical damage to the environment and its balance. It will give these people satisfaction and huge peace of mind to be able to think that they are spraying plants with a safe nutritious product that is effective against damage while leaving the molluscs as a safe food source for garden wildlife

Check out Grazers G2 Formula. From just £6.99


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