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August 4, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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What is Integrated Pest Management?

If you know our product, or you know us personally then you’ll know that our team at Grazers value the world around us. Garden, crops, plants should be nurtured and allowed to flourish but not at the expense of the ecosystem. That’s why the Grazers formula has been developed against damage from insects and animals without actually killing anything. We, as I’m sure you, regularly read articles and see news stories of other treatments that may well prevent damage but the consequences of their work can have far reaching implications.

What is IPM?

IPM is better known as Integrated Pest Management and is a technique for managing and plants and crops whilst minimising the impact on the ecosystem around it. Its origins lie in commercial standard growing however at Grazers we like to apply the same methodology to controlling the ecosystem a garden. Why? Well, because it’s the right thing to do and we think many of our customers would agree.

What does IPM do?

IPM means developing the environment so that killing of pests is minimised where possible and the environment is adapted to prevent pests from flourishing. In a sense they’d have to find another location to prosper within. For example, reviewing spacing between plants or filling cracks in walls may prevent certain pests from flourishing in the garden.


In a simple step by step process IPM can work effectively when you have a good understanding of your garden and the type of pests it is attracting.

The first step is to identify the types of pest and understand which plants they are attacking. Once this has been done you can set about researching and implementing ways in which to prevent and control the pests in future. It may be as simple as growing a small bunch of wildflowers in part of the garden to attract bees which in turn will keep other plant damaging pests at bay.

Whatever your methodology we truly believe in the importance of having a garden that protects as much of the ecosystem as is possible. Over time we’ll be sharing more thoughts on how to go about this and promoting the fact that Grazers Formula fits perfectly with any grower who values the ecosystems and wants to allow both plants and other aspects of nature to thrive.


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